Brain networks in meditation: Two new studies

We recently published the first two studies from our international Aware Mind Brain project, a collaboration between the Sapienza University of Rome, the Bulgarian Academy of Science, and Liverpool John Moores University, supported by the BIAL Foundation.

In this project we work with experienced meditators from the Theravada Buddhist tradition to study the specifics of the different meditation states. In scientific terms these states are often referred to as Focused Attention Meditation, Open Monitoring Meditation, and Loving Kindness Meditation.


  • Yordanova, J., Kolev, V., Nicolardi, V., Simione, L., Mauro, F., Garberi, P., Raffone, A., & Malinowski, P. (2021). Attentional and cognitive monitoring brain networks in long-term meditators depend on meditation states and expertise. Scientific Reports, 11, 4909.
  • Yordanova, J., Kolev, V., Mauro, F., Nicolardi, V., Simione, L., Calabrese, L., Malinowski, P., & Raffone, A. (2020). Common and distinct lateralised patterns of neural coupling during focused attention, open monitoring and loving kindness meditation. Scientific Reports10, 7430.